Thank you so much for introducing me to this new IV treatment!!!  I have been coming now for 5 months and it’s been amazing! These are my bullet points of how it’s effectively help me.

1- I feel energized  after each of my treatments.

2- *** This is a big one for me***
My eye sight becomes 20-20 . My eyes are not straining when I’m looking at the computer all day. The IV gives my body but especially my eye’s all the nutrients it’s missing. It’s a huge difference my eye’s don’t fatigue all week. This helps out tremendously with work.!!!!!! I should do it more frequently.

3- The team at the IV center has taken the time to look into my blood work to further fix my current ailments and has gotten me on the right track to become a healthier person.

4- As I said in #1 I feel great!!!!!

5- I look forward to my monthly treatments to get my body back to square one so I can handle my life with a lot less stress and pain.